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Do I Need Setting Spray?

April 3, 2020

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Long day at the office? Dinner and drinks with friends after work? Carting the kids around to their activities all evening? We put our makeup on in the morning and expect it to last all day…and all evening. It usually doesn’t. Foundation disappears, blush fades, eye shadow gets tucked in the creases and the eyeliner smears. You may not look a fright by 7pm, but you definitely don’t look as fresh-faced as you did in the morning. Even using primer hasn’t made your makeup last into the evening. So, you usually do a quick touch-up sometime during the day. That is why you need setting spray.

Setting spray has a few purposes in your makeup routine. It helps to keep the skin on your face just a bit cooler. It gives you a radiant and refreshed look. Finally, it seals your makeup in place for the day.

The average temperature of your facial skin is around 90 degrees. While that doesn’t seem hot, it really isn’t the best temp for makeup. If it is hot and humid outdoors, chances are that your skin is even warmer. That is why your makeup seems to melt off as the day goes on. Your skin on your face is dealing with makeup, pollution and temperature changes throughout the day. Eventually, your face gets oily, and in turn, your makeup melts and evaporates. A setting spray will help keep the temperature on your face a bit lower and help your skin deal with humidity, heat and temperature changes.

A setting spray will keep you looking radiant and refreshed all day. How? A setting spray like farragio All-Natural Setting Spray, will help your makeup emulsify and blend to give you a flawless finish. You will maintain a glow that makes you look awake, dewy and cool all day long. If you use a matte finish makeup, a good setting spray will keep your makeup from looking flat and tired.

As I mentioned above, throughout the day your makeup can evaporate and get oily. farragio All-Natural Setting Spray will seal the makeup in place; think of it like a hairspray for your face. A light spritz on your face in a T and an X formation will ensure that your whole face is covered, and the makeup will stay in place. No need to reapply if you have evening plans., but you can if want. Setting spray will ensure that your makeup doesn’t fade or smudge.

Setting spray can also be used on clean skin if you choose to not wear makeup. A spritz or two of farragio All-Natural Setting Spray will give your skin a luminous and fresh look for the day.

So, what makes a quality setting spray? A blend of well-selected natural ingredients, which farragio All-Natural Setting Spray is all about. Some setting sprays can easily clog your pores, but with farragio All-Natural Setting Spray you will never experience clogged pores. The main ingredient in my setting spray is distilled water, guaranteeing a clean product. You will never find alcohol or chemicals in any of my products.

If you don’t have a setting spray in your makeup routine, now is the time to add it. Summer will be here before you know it and setting spray is your assurance against summer heat and humidity. You will look refreshed all day long. You will look in the mirror throughout the day and looking back at you will be a dewy fresh face with a polished, perfect finish. It’s time to give up those touch-ups!

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