How (And When) To Wash Your Face

March 17, 2021
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Face washing. It’s a few easy steps, right? Water, soap, lather, rinse. As easy as it is, it’s a very important part of your skin care routine; and how you do those steps (and when) is just as important.

Here is an easy guide for making this easy task as beneficial to your skin as possible.

Step 1
Okay. This first step might be a little controversial but, don’t wash your face in the mornings. I know, I know. Some (all?) of you might be saying “Wait, what?!?”, but hear me out. There are a couple of different reasons for this.

Firstly, you washed your face before bed, right? And all you did was sleep, right? So, unless you’re coal mining in your sleep, or sleepwalking through a sand storm, your skin hasn’t “collected” enough dirt while you slept to warrant its needing to be washed again when you wake up.

Not only that, your skin has absorbed the moisturizer you applied the night before, and if you’re a side-sleeper, some of that moisturizer will have been rubbed off onto your pillow. So your skin is actually dryer in the morning and it’s not a good idea to strip even more moisture from it by washing it.

And, over-washing your face can also lead to breakouts. So, give this unusual step a try for a week and see if you notice an improvement in your skin tone.

Step 2
You’ve skipped the morning face wash; you’ve gone through your day; you’re getting ready for bed and now it’s time for the actual first step of proper face washing…

Wet your face with lukewarm water. Not cold, not hot. Hot water will obviously dry out your skin by stripping it of natural moisture. And surprisingly, when it comes to washing your face, cold water isn’t that great for it, either. Sure, splashing your face with cold water tightens your pores, but it’s exactly that reason it isn’t recommended for washing your face. According to Healthline, because the cold water tightens your pores, bacteria and dirt can get trapped and isn’t as effectively “cleaned out” as with warmer water.

Step 3
You’ve wet your face, so now it’s time for the real work. Lather up a small amount of face wash between your palms. (You already knew how to do that, but I gotta be official here). Using a circular motion, gently massage the face wash onto your face. Some people, like me, also wash their mascara off at the same time; while others use a separate makeup remover. This is entirely up to you, but if you use something all-natural, like my All-Natural Essential Face Wash, you can do it all at the same time. But, just like with any product, be sure to avoid getting it into your eyes.

Step 4
Rinse again with lukewarm water. (This one is pretty self-explanatory)

Step 5
When it comes to drying your face off, it’s important not to rub your skin. It will strip the moisture from your skin, and it can lead to irritation. Using a soft, absorbent towel, gently pat your skin dry. Personally, I don’t completely dry my skin. I like to leave a little bit of water on my skin, that way when I moisturize it helps lock in the water on my skin, providing extra moisture.

Step 6
Follow up with a hydrating moisturizer. Believe it or not, this is the most important step of face washing. Even for oily skin. Maybe even especially for oily skin. The most potent way to avoid and minimize wrinkles is by keeping your skin moisturized. And if you have oily skin, drying it out too much will cause your skin to overcompensate by creating more oil. Using a moisturizer will help keep your skin tone balanced.

And, you’re done! Follow these steps each night and your skin will feel and look more refreshed, toned, and supple, and your skin will thank you for it.

Oh, and let me know in the comments below if you're going to try skipping washing your face in the mornings!

My Travel Skin Care Routine

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The One That Started It All

March 15, 2021

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March 14, 2021

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From A to Z, the Best Tips for Improving Your Health

February 25, 2021

Guest Post by Jennifer McGregor of Public Health Library

We all want to look and feel out best, from the top of our heads to the tips of our toes. With so much misguided information on the internet, however, knowing how to do so can be pretty confusing. That’s why our friends over at farragio want you to have this guide filled with only the most practical and effective tips, from A to Z.

Add More Vitamin C

Vitamin C is great for your immune system. But did you know it can recharge your skin as well? Using a face oil or cream packed with Vitamin C will fight uncomfortable inflammation and encourage the healthy production of collagen. farragio has all-natural options for both!

Banish Stress at Home

You can’t feel your best when you’re constantly stressed. If you’re feeling tense at home, the problem may be clutter and other potential sources of bad energy. It may sound mystical, but science shows that a cluttered and chaotic home can, in fact, cause more stress and anxiety. Get rid of that tension by clearing out your clutter, cleaning things up and letting in fresh.

Change Food Habits

Watching what you eat? Well, how you eat can be important as well. Truly, healthy eating habits encompass not only the types of foods you choose but less tangible elements, like your overall relationship with food. If cleaning up your diet leaves you feeling more stressed, it may be time to try making smaller changes and cultivating a more positive connection with your food.

Ditch Harmful Chemicals

If someone handed you a jar of formaldehyde, you wouldn’t dare use it on your skin. So it may surprise you to learn that many mass-manufactured skin care and cosmetic products actually contain this and other dangerous chemicals that can cause cancer. Instead of putting your health and skin at risk, opt for all-natural products from brands you can trust, like farragio.

Exercise in the Morning

Now for a health tip that fights cancer: move your body more! Better yet, exercise in the AM hours. In addition to giving you a mood and energy boost, experts have found that working out earlier in the morning may in fact reduce your risk for certain types of cancer. The best time to exercise according to their findings? Between 8 and 10 in the morning.

Forget About Fad Diets

Hopefully you’re already committed to changing your relationship with food. This should include avoiding some of the most popular diets you see on social media. While some of these diets and meal plans can produce impressive results, weight loss is usually temporary. Not to mention that the lack of nutrition in some diets can be downright dangerous.

Take Time for Self-Care

Okay, so we can’t exactly cover the entire alphabet, so let’s skip down to what’s really important: taking the time you need for stress relief and self-care. You need a few routines that will tame tension. Maybe that means using essential oils, practicing yoga or adding little touches of nature to your home. Find what makes you feel happier and commit to it on a regular basis.

Wake Up With Meditation

While you’re on the mat, also try meditating to nurture your brain and overall health. Neuroscientists have found that by meditating for just a few moments each morning, you can lower your blood pressure, risks for depression and improve your focus. Those are just a small sample of the benefits you can expect by waking up with mindfulness.

Zzzz’s: Get More of Them

We saved the best for last, or at least one of the most important. That’s because sleep is pretty darn crucial. Being deprived of sleep can lead to cognitive impairments, cancer, heart disease and premature death. So if you really want to live a long and healthy life, improve your sleep.

See, you don’t need to spend a lot of time or energy to improve your health for life! You just need to practice your ABCs or at least the A to Z tips we’ve provided above. Work them into your everyday routines, and you’re sure to notice some serious results. You can do it!

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