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Unusual Remedy for Restless Leg Syndrome

Posted by farragio on Thursday, April 21, 2022 Under: healthy living

how to alleviate restless leg syndrome

by Cailey George

This is updated from a previous post

Angela chiming in here.....people think I'm nuts when I tell them about this remedy but I've used it for years and it works. My dad used it for years, too, and I know other people personally who've used it. Give it a try and see how it works for you.

Restless Leg Syndrome, also known as RLS or Willis-Ekbom disease, is a mysterious and complex syndrome that can cause otherwise manageable symptoms to become unbearable. It is characterized by a constant and overwhelming urge to move the legs and the feet, often accompanied by a tingling sensation. It can come and go, making it difficult to diagnose and treat. While some treatments have been found to be helpful, many patients are left searching for a way to ease the aches and discomfort that accompany the syndrome.

Often there is no known cause for this syndrome but there is the theory backed by research that it may be caused by a dopamine deficiency, the chemical in the brain which sends signals to control muscle movement. While it is not a dangerous condition, it causes discomfort and frustration as it can hinder sleep and add to the restlessness.

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Because of its undesirable affects, those with symptoms have desperately sought a solution to the ailment and have come up with a method that, on its surface, might seem a bit crazy. However, many people who struggle with RLS have tested the method out and have spoken to this odd remedy’s effectiveness. The idea is to place a bar of soap under the fitted sheet down by your legs while you sleep, and to thus ease the incessant movement. Can this remedy actually work, and if so, how?

One theory as to why this remedy works is is because of the magnesium prevalent in many soap bars. Magnesium helps with metabolic function, and many might suffer from a magnesium deficiency unknowingly as magnesium becomes less and less prevalent in our foods. Magnesium is anti-inflammatory and known to help fight anxiety and to promote bone health. As the magnesium in the soap is absorbed into the legs, it may be able to relax the muscles as it is also known to soothe and prevent muscle cramping. If your soap has lavender in it, even better. Those who have used soap containing both magnesium and lavender have attested to further benefits, as studies have shown that lavender can fight against mild insomnia and chronic pain. However, some people have an adverse reaction to the scent of lavender so make sure the presence of lavender doesn’t create the opposite effect and disrupts your sleep even more.

Placing a bar of soap under the fitted sheet might seem strange, but it is certainly worth a try. This is an intriguing at-home, homeopathic remedy that could make a difference if you, like many others, are struggling with RLS and are searching for a way to ease the aches and discomfort that accompany the syndrome. After attempting this remedy, you may find that you are able to relax and have more restful and peaceful sleep.

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