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Why Should You Use Natural Deodorant?

Posted by farragio on Friday, May 20, 2022 Under: healthy living

natural deodorant is better for you

by Cailey George

It is easy to grow accustomed to the deodorant we have always used, believing it is tried and true, keeping unwanted scents and sweat at bay. But while relying on deodorant that utilizes chemical fragrances and antiperspirants, you may also be harming your skin and preventing your body’s natural function. This is why switching to natural deodorant can be a safe and beneficial solution.

Sweat is important
Most deodorants limit sweat and introduce pleasant fragrances to the underarm area. While sweat may seem undesirable, sweat is actually an important part of your body’s natural functions. This is how we release harmful toxins and keep our skin healthy. Antiperspirants use chemicals that clog your pores and therefore prevent this sweat from escaping. Without allowing toxins a way out, they build up beneath the skin and cause bumps and irritation. These harmful side effects demonstrate the importance of allowing yourself to sweat and avoiding products that prevent this function.

Regular deodorants don't neutralize odor
You may be asking yourself if allowing underarm sweat will also allow unwanted scents. Fortunately, these scents come from bacteria on your skin when mixed with sweat, not the sweat itself. Regular deodorants use fragrance to prevent these odors, but the same result is easily achieved through natural methods. The fragrances in most deodorants can even be known to make your body odor worse. Plus, using a natural deodorant free from aluminum means you can prevent unwanted sweat stains on your clothing!

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Consider detoxing
Natural deodorant is a wonderful alternative for your everyday wear. Natural ingredients are gentle on your skin and can provide benefits when absorbed. Meanwhile, they won’t block pores and will keep your skin healthy. Try out this underarm deodorant for a fresh scent and all natural ingredients. When switching to a natural deodorant, you might want to consider detoxing for a week beforehand- this means gong without any deodorant for the allotted time- so be sure to plan accordingly. This way your body can release remaining toxins and chemicals from your previous deodorant use. In the end, making the switch to a natural deodorant will all be worth it as you experience less irritation and avoid the impact of harmful chemicals on your skin and in your body.

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