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How to Banish Blotchy Skin

Posted by farragio on Tuesday, May 31, 2022 Under: skin care

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by Cailey George

For some of us, red, blotchy skin is an everyday occurrence. It can be difficult to feel good about our skin when inflamed patches are constantly appearing, or when it quickly becomes blotchy in appearance. Here are some tips to minimize the redness and blotchiness in your skin.

First, you want to be sure you are hydrating! Drinking water flushes toxins from our body, preventing them from causing further inflammation in our skin.

Second, you will want to be sure you are protecting your skin with sunscreen. If you are especially prone to redness in your skin, sunscreen is very important. Not only is it a necessary step in any skincare routine; protecting your skin from harmful UV rays and reducing the risk of skin cancer, but it will also create a barrier for further redness in those with already sensitive skin. Rather than adding a layer of burn or redness to an already blotchy area, be sure to give your skin a little extra protection by applying sunscreen before starting your day.

Next, you want to be sure the products you are using are gentle. If your soap is too harsh, ingredients in your products include alcohol or fragrance, or you are over-exfoliating, this may be aiding the problem. Seeking out gentle soaps and alcohol/fragrance-free products will heal your skin and reduce redness. Over-exfoliation is a common cause of extra-red skin. Many exfoliants utilize intense ingredients to scrub away dead, flaky skin, but this is not always necessary. It is best to stick with a sugar or coffee-based exfoliant. Using a gentle exfoliant will remove dead skin without further harm and can increase circulation, therefore fighting free radicals and reducing redness. When exfoliating, limit your process to 2 or 3 times a week for best results. Try not to scrub too aggressively with a harsh or gritty cloth, and be sure to stay focused on dry or flaky areas.

If the problem of redness persists, try removing products from your skincare routine. Keep it simple for a week or two, and then begin to slowly add products back in, keeping an eye out for the ingredients that cause the most redness and inflammation.

Red, blotchy skin can be annoying and uncomfortable. By keeping these steps in mind, you can work towards reducing redness and feeling even more confident in your skin.

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