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The Beauty of Kokum Butter

Posted by farragio on Monday, September 27, 2021 Under: skincare

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by Cailey George

There are a variety of butters, creams and lotions advertised for the treatment of dry skin, hair and lips. However, we often find ourselves experiencing downsides with these products, such as a heavy and oily nature which results in discomfort and greasy hair and skin. Kokum butter is a natural moisturizer that is lightweight and simple, and benefits users with its restorative properties.

What is kokum butter? Kokum butter is made from the fruit seeds of the kokum tree, otherwise known as Garcinia Indica. These trees can primarily be found in India. The seeds are rich with saturated fat such as stearic acid, fatty acids such as omega-3 and omega-6, as well as vitamin E; all of which provide wonderful health benefits. Kokum butter takes the form of a solid at room temperature, and melts when applied to skin. It is firmer than other types of lotions or butters, which causes the butter to be less heavy and oily on the skin and/or hair. Kokum butter can be used on the skin, lips, or hair.

Kokum butter is amazing for skin as it moisturizes and restores elasticity. The butter can be applied to dry or ashy areas, and as it moisturizes the skin it does not clog pores. Kokum butter is regenerative, and its restorative properties (a result of prevalent fatty acids and vitamin E) help significantly with scars and stretch marks. Skin cells are regenerated through kokum butter and given the proper elasticity to heal. These restorative properties also aid aging and acne. Kokum butter’s anti-inflammatory properties not only soothe acne, but also make this product a great option for those with sensitive skin.

When used on hair, kokum butter’s lightweight nature does not cause the hair to become too greasy or oily through usage. Its moisturizing properties work wonders on dry hair, while its regenerative aspects cause damaged hair to heal. When used on the scalp, kokum butter stimulates hair follicles and chemically affected areas, which in turn aids with healthy hair growth. Kokum butter can be applied directly to the hair or scalp. In fact, a light application of farragio's Ultimate Face Moisturizer can be used on hair to tame flyaways.

Kokum butter is an incredible resource for users in search of a simple, lightweight and multi-use product for their skin and hair care; while the butter’s foundation of healthy vitamins and fatty acids provides a multitude of benefits.

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