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How to Reduce Excess Oil in Your Hair Naturally

Posted by farragio on Wednesday, July 20, 2022 Under: skin care

how to naturally reduce excess oil in your hair

by Cailey George

Greasy, oily hair can make you feel less put together than you actually are, andleads to itchiness and irritation. Here are some simple, natural ways to reduce excess oil and to help hair lookits best.

Are Your Hair Washing Habits Hurting Rather Than Helping?
First, examine your hair washing habits. If you are someone who experiences very oily hair, you may need to wash your hair more often than most. However, you do not want to remove all the natural oils your scalp produces. These are necessary for hair to remain healthy and protected. In order to let your natural oils do their job without overproduction, you can change your hair washing methods.

Be Gentle
When shampooing, be sure not to scrub your scalp harshly with your nails. Stay gentle, and apply shampoo to roots and scalp rather than focusing on your ends. This is where hair becomes oiliest, and the shampoo runoff can easily clean the rest of your hair without direct application to the ends. Being gentle is key when washing hair, as overstimulation can cause oil buildup. Before finishing your shower, be sure that all of your shampoo and conditioner has been washed from your hair. Failure to wash out these products can make hair even more oily.

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Make Sure Your Styling Tools Are Clean
When styling hair, there are also some steps that can help reduce oil. First, be sure to clean your brush or comb. You may not realize how much oil can buildup on these styling tools, and therefore be added back into your hair when brushing. Not only does oil buildup on brushes and combs, but styling products can buildup as well, which will introduce more oil to the hair. You can wash your brush with some shampoo, being sure to remove any loose hairs before cleaning.

Another great method for reducing oil is wearing your hair down. Pulling hair back will spread oils, and letting your hair loose will reduce strain and limit oil buildup.

Look, But Don’t Touch
Other helpful tips include being sure you refrain from excessively touching or fiddling with your locks. This action transfers oil from your skin to your hair, making it extra oily. Dry shampoo is a great product to invest in when it comes to caring for oily hair. This quick shampoo will give your hair the boost it needs to get through the days where washing isn’t an option. A quick application of farragio’s Refresh Dry Shampoo Powder will do the trick, reducing oil naturally and leaving your hair rejuvenated and refreshed.

Oily hair becomes frustrating, causing discomfort and irritation. By keeping these simple tricks in mind as you care for your hair, you can reduce excess oil in your hair without removing your hair’s natural oils.

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