amber glass bottle of vitamin c skincare face spray

Vitamin C+ Nighttime Skin Elixir

2 fl oz

Experience a remarkable and efficacious solution crafted to invigorate your skin during the nocturnal hours. This potent spray delivers an intense dose of improved vitamin C, boasting 20% concentration, alongside an array of other formidable vitamins and nutrients. Ensure your skin receives the utmost care and nourishment it deserves with this powerhouse formula. Its lightweight and non-greasy composition guarantees quick absorption, leaving your skin feeling refreshed and revitalized without any residue. Elevate your nighttime skincare routine with the enhanced benefits of improved vitamin C for better skin absorption. Unlock the secrets to radiant and well-nourished skin with this potent nighttime spray.

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And just some of their wonderful benefits . . .

Purified Distilled Water

Distilled Natural Grain Emulsifier

  • Combines ingredients

  • Improves absorption beneath skin's outer layer

  • Helps regulate skin's natural oil production

Pure Vitamin C Oil, 20% (Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate)

  • Improves the appearance of fine and coarse wrinkles of the face and neck

  • Helps protect against long-term damage caused by harmful sun rays

  • Helps reduce the appearance of dark spots

Organic Sweet Orange Essential Oil*

Organic Teas* (provides antioxidant & acne benefits)

  • Green tea

  • Chamomile

  • Peppermint

*USDA Certified Organic

Product Features

  • 2 fl oz

  • Bottle Width: 1.5"

  • Bottle Height: 4.9"

  • Reusable/Recyclable glass bottle

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