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What is Candelilla Wax?

Posted by farragio on Monday, September 27, 2021 Under: skincare

bowl of candelilla wax flakes

by Cailey George

Perhaps you have heard of beeswax- a substance used as an emulsifier in products such as lip balms and moisturizers. While it is a helpful ingredient in these products and is able to easily bond liquids and other ingredients, beeswax is animal-derived and therefore avoided by vegan users. It may seem that many lip care products rely heavily on beeswax for their capabilities, however there is a vegan alternative! Candelilla wax is a plant-based vegetable wax and is therefore a great vegan replacement for beeswax in lip and skincare products. Made from the candelilla plant grown in Mexico and parts of the United States, this wax is hypoallergenic and unscented. Its name translates to “little candle,” alluding to is original early usage in candle-making. Much like beeswax, candelilla wax acts as a stabilizer and emulsifier.

Not only is this candelilla wax functional in skin and lip care products, it also brings many benefits to its users. This ingredient functions as a moisturizer, making it a wonderful and effective ingredient in vegan lip balms like this perfect Nourishing Lip Balm. Candelilla wax forms a barrier over the lips, which locks in the moisture it produces. It is also known to condition and soften the skin, reducing visible signs of aging or stretching. The wax is dense, yet easily absorbed by the skin and therefore capable of inducing its benefits quickly and effectively.

Not only is candelilla a vegan option loaded with benefits for your skin, but it is also a wonderful alternative for those with allergies to bees, pollen or honey. Beeswax is secreted by bees and can therefore trigger the allergies of those who are sensitive to these factors. With products that implement candelilla wax, users need not worry about experiencing a potential reaction from their daily lip balm. Finally, this wax is known to produce a natural shine in the lips, adding to its cosmetic benefits as well as its practical ones.

Candelilla wax may not be as well-known as beeswax, but it is quickly becoming an important vegan alternative, especially in lip care. Selecting products that implement candelilla wax is a safe and impactful way to step up your skincare game, as well as to experience a multitude of fantastic benefits.

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