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The Skin Benefits Of Avocado Oil

Posted by Angela @ farragio on Saturday, June 6, 2020 Under: health beauty

skin benefits of avocado oil

When you think of skin care, you may not immediately think of avocado oil. There are a wide number of high-quality skin care products on the market today, but avocado oil remains one of the most underrated skin care ingredients on the market today, which is a shame because this unassuming fruit is a powerhouse when it comes to being good for your skin. Here are just a few of the benefits you get when you use avocado oil on your skin:

  • Avocado oil is rich in fatty acids and vitamin E which both highly moisturize skin.
    Your skin’s outer-most layer, known as the epidermis, absorbs both of these which help it to not only add moisture to your existing skin, but to build brand new skin underneath.
  • Because of avocado oil's fatty acids, it can help aid in diminishing wrinkles.
    The fatty acids in avocado oil helps to plump skin and diminish fine lines, and multiple studies have shown that avocado oil stimulates the production of collagen, which works to rejuvenate your skin and enhance its appearance.
  • Avocado oil has anti-inflammatory properties which calms irritated skin.
    The anti-inflammatory properties in avocado oil makes it an excellent natural remedy for acne, and can help aid in fighting the symptoms of psoriasis and eczema.
  • Avocado oil contains mono-saturated fats which protects skin from sun damage.
    Avocado oil has been reported to have a natural sunscreen SPF as high as 15 making it a great alternative to products with chemical sunscreens.
farragio’s All-Natural Coffee Oil Serum for face & lips is made with avocado oil, so not only do you get the benefits of caffeine for your skin, your skin gets a healthy dose of avocado oil as well. Change up your skin care routine with something naturally healthier. It's a wonderful alternative for your skin that has amazing benefits.

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