6 Quick Bathroom Cleaning Tips

Angela Propes

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What do baby wipes, old washcloths, and denture cleaner all have in common? They make quick cleanup of your bathroom. Keep your bathroom company-ready with these quick cleaning tips...

1) Bathroom Vanity

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Keep a box of baby wipes under the bathroom sink and each morning after you've finished getting ready for the day give the sink, faucet, and vanity a quick swipe with a baby wipe and toss in the trash.

2) Hair Products

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If you find that your hair products are leaving a sticky residue on bathroom surfaces, a little bit of rubbing alcohol or vodka on an old washcloth will cut right through the film they leave behind.

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3) Bathroom Mirror

Believer it or not, the best way to clean mirrors is with an old clean washcloth dampened with warm water. If you use fabric softener in your wash, the cloth will tend to streak the glass. Have a dry cloth handy to polish off any streaks.

4) Bathroom Shower

A great way to clean your shower is with shampoo. Keep an old washcloth handy and before you're done showering squirt some shampoo on the cloth and give the shower a quick wipe down and spray off with water.

Note: If you do this on the floor of the shower, be careful not to slip!

5) Bathroom Toilet

Keep your toilet bowl sparkly clean with denture cleaning tablets. Drop two or three tablets into the bowl before you get into the shower and by the time you're done showering the tablet has done its work. Keep a toilet brush handy and give the bowl and under the rim a quick swish. (Extra points if you wipe down the handle, lid and seat with another baby wipe.)

Photo by Giorgio Trovato on Unsplash

6) Shower Curtain

Did you know you can wash your vinyl shower curtain in the washing machine? Wash on the regular cycle with laundry detergent and warm water. Allow to run through the spin cycle and then hang back up to drip dry.

Note: If the curtain has too much water trapped in the folds, re-position the curtain and run through an extra spin cycle before taking out of the washing machine.

Photo by Andrea Davis on Unsplash

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