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Keeping it Steamy Equals Health & Beauty

Posted by farragio on Wednesday, September 14, 2022 Under: healthy living

A home humidifier helps keep your skin looking younger

by Angela Propes

We all know that drinking water is vital for life. It is important for functioning organs, digestion, circulation and maintaining body temperature. But water is important for the outside of your body as well. Drinking water nourishes your skin, helps healing and stops premature wrinkling.

But, what about water on the outside…namely, STEAM?

Steam has many benefits for our bodies and skin
Whether it is a steam room, or simply upping the humidity in your home with a humidifier or boiling water, you will benefit. Steam can:

  • Help your skin detox from pollutants
  • Help you breathe better
  • Help you breathe better
  • Improve your winter skin issues
  • Help protect you from viruses
Yes, steam helps prevent viruses
What? Protect you from viruses? Yes! Testing has shown that influenza thrives in a dry environment. Running a clean humidifier or boiling water on the stove to increase room humidity will help protect you from unwanted illnesses. Adding essential oils, such as tea tree oil, eucalyptus, or peppermint can also fight those nasty bugs before you get infected by them. Adding other essential oils to your humidity boil can serve different purposes like relaxation, better breathing and sleeping. Those things will boost your immune system, helping you ward-off the latest virus going around.

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Your skin needs humidity especially in the winter
Humidity is a word often associated with hot, sticky summertime. And it can be uncomfortable in the summer. But during the winter, you are running forced-air heat, which is very dry air. Your skin is starved for moisture in the winter. Add in the dry air outdoors and the cold wind. Your body needs humidity. When your skin is hydrated, your complexion feels soft and smooth. It also relieves skin sensitivity which can lead to psoriasis and eczema.

Humidity keeps your skin hydrated
Your skin is in a constant cycle of rejuvenation. As we age, it does this less efficiently. When conditions are dry and our skin is dehydrated, we do not shed the dead skin cells as we need to or we over-shed causing flakiness. Our complexion becomes dull. With moisture, we glow with fresh, hydrated skin. Dehydration is the #1 reason for wrinkles. Hydrating helps plump the skin and leaves us with a more youthful appearance.

Humidity keeps your skin looking younger
Beauty products are good, and they help during the dry winter months. Yet, the simple acts of drinking more water and keeping water simmering in the kitchen or running a humidifier at night (be sure to keep it clean and free of mold) does so much to drench our skin in needed moisture.

How much humidity should you have in your home?
So how much humidity? The humidity level in your home is ideal at 30-50%. You can purchase an indoor/outdoor thermometer with humidity reading at most hardware stores. You can also have a humidifier added to your HVAC. Even with an HVAC humidifier, boiling water on your stove with essential oils will make your home smell wonderful and make you feel cozy on those cold winter days. Not to mention how healthy and beautiful you will feel!

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