bottle of setting spray

All-Natural Setting Spray

Made with 100% Pure and Organic Ingredients

2 fl oz


Limit 3 per customer
(If you need a larger quantity, please contact me for availability.)

I. Love. This. Stuff! My all-natural setting spray is my own recipe and I've loaded it with a healthy dose of Vitamin C. Not only can it be used on skin, it works great on hair, too. So many possibilities!

• Distilled Water
• Pure Vegetable Glycerin
• Pure Vitamin C (ascorbic acid)
• Pure, Therapeutic-Grade, Cold-Pressed, Sweet Orange Essential Oil

• Comes in a recyclable amber glass bottle
• 2 fl oz (57g)
• Bottle Width: 1.5" (3.81cm)
• Bottle Height: 4.9" (12.47cm)

• After makeup has been completed, tilt head back and hold setting spray bottle about 12 inches above face.
• Spritz 3 to 4 pumps on face to set your makeup and to give your face added moisture and brightness.
• Use whenever you need an extra shot of moisture during the day.
• It can also be used on hair to tame pesky flyaways.