roll-on bottle of coffee oil
Coffee Oil Face & Lip Serum (roll-on)
Handcrafted with 100% All-Natural Ingredients
SKU: SKCR-8514

10 ml


If it’s possible to fall in love with a product, this coffee oil is it! It feels so good when applied and smells incredible. My potent blend of coffee-infused avocado oil in this handy roll-on makes an amazing quick treatment for anywhere you need a powerful dose of concentrated moisturizing, including lips.

INGREDIENTS (and just some of the many skin benefits)
  • Naturally-Brewed Coffee-Infused Avocado Oil
  • Contains fatty acids (promotes collagen production)
    Contains Vitamin E and other antioxidants
    Fights free radicals
    Helps maintain hydration
  • Coffee-Infused Caffeine
  • Reduces inflammation and puffiness
    Tightens and brightens the skin
    Reduces wrinkles
    Smooths skin
  • 10 ml
  • Reusable/Recyclable amber glass roll-on bottle
  • Bottle Width: .78"
  • Bottle Height: 3.35"
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