Why I Got Off of Social Media

Angela Propes

social media icons

Like most everyone else, I have been on social media for a number of years. First it was MySpace (oh my!), then Twitter, then Facebook, along came Pinterest, and then Instagram. I stopped at Instagram, but the social media keeps on rolling with YouTube, TikTok, and I am sure countless other platforms that I have never even heard of.

Each one starts out as new and fun; connecting with old friends, sharing interests, music, what we had for lunch . . .

For those of us who run businesses, it is not long before these platforms start monetizing and it becomes apparent that the only way to get engagement is to pay for it.

I had developed a dislike of social media quite a while back but for my business I felt like I had to keep playing the game. I would post what I hoped were interesting things and hope even more that people would actually see the posts, without having to pay for it. And before I realized it, generating content for these platforms became a full-time job in itself.

It finally dawned on me; I am working for these platforms instead of for myself. I am an entrepreneur, running my own business, so why am I spending so much time trying to generate income for Facebook or Instagram?

So, I have decided to get off of the social media merry-go-round. That is not to say I will never get back on it again, but for now I enjoy interacting with my customers on a more personal level and feel like my newsletter is a better way to do that.

As a side note, I will not bore you with statistics but in my research about running a business without social media, I came across an interesting and informative article at Entrepreneur Magazine about the dangers social media can cause to mental and physical health: 5 Dangers of Social Media

I also found that companies like Lush Cosmetics have also gotten off of the social media merry-go-round. Perhaps this is becoming a new movement? Regardless, I look forward to putting my efforts towards more personal connections with my customers now that I am free from social media ❤️.