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Unique Furniture Finds On Etsy

Posted by Angela @ farragio on Tuesday, January 2, 2018 Under: etsy

It's funny how tastes can change. I used to be very traditional in my decorating but find that I'm really starting to get into modern, industrial, retro, and other styles of decorating. I enjoy 'window shopping' for furniture on the internet and was perusing Etsy recently and found these lovely, unique finds...

Isle of Copper Captains
(Image courtesy of Barefoot Isles)

Barefoot Isles has become the new standard for walking surfaces, combining a stylish design with beneficial features. The interesting pebble surface of these unique area pieces brings a new experience as well as a beautiful addition to any room.


Pellet Shelving
(Image courtesy of Pallet Jaques)

Pallet Jaques doesn't just make furniture, he makes pieces people love. Whether for living, dining, kitchen, or bathroom, there is something for every room, and all stunningly beautiful.


Lexus Bench
(Image courtesy of Functional Art Gallery)

At Functional Art Gallery, their pieces are more than furniture, they're works of art. Each item is beautiful and intriguing in its design and sure to be a conversation piece.


Mid-Century TV Trays
(Image courtesy of Modern Logic)

Modern Logic has a passion for selecting beautiful items and this set of unusual vintage TV trays, featuring postcard-like scenes of European cities and foreign stamps, doesn't disappoint.


Industrial-Style Coffee Table
(Image courtesy of Kay Jay Studios)

Kay Jay Studios offers unique creations and quality restorations and their striking industrial-style coffee table checks all the boxes, from the impressive bulldozer drive sprocket with its lovely patina left intact to the beautiful wooden posts repurposed for the legs. It's sure to make a bold statement in any room.


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So many possibilities!