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Tips for Healthy Hair

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by Cailey George

Crafting a personalized haircare routine can be daunting, especially with the myriad of products and tips you may encounter as you start your search for the best way to maintain healthy hair. There is certainly much to be said for haircare, so here are a few tips to get you started and to prevent the overwhelming nature of a quest for your own haircare routine.

The first step towards haircare involves examining your everyday routine. This would include habits such as washing, brushing and styling. When performing these daily tasks, it is important to be sure that no step is overdone to the detriment of your hair. Experts advise that hair is not washed every day. If you opt for daily washing, you could be removing essential, moisturizing oils and proteins from your hair prematurely. Another element to be mindful of is the temperature of your water when you shower. Hot water is known to cause both hair and skin to become drier, and therefore either cold or lukewarm water is preferred by those seeking to keep their hair strong rather than brittle. If you are concerned about your hair and scalp becoming oily if not washed daily, try investing in a dry shampoo to help get you by until your next wash. This fresh scent dry shampoo powder is a great option as it applies smoothly to hair and incorporates rosemary and peppermint for a fresh scent.

Brushing your hair excessively can also cause hair to become brittle and dry ends to wither away. While brushing hair is important, be sure to limit your brushing to one or two times a day rather than further damage your hair through pulling at it with a tool such as a brush or comb. Styling hair is an important part of many haircare routines, but it is beneficial to remember that overuse of heating or styling products can be damaging to hair. Just as hot water dries hair out, so do heating tools, which prove a further problem when overused to the point of breakage. While using these tools is a great way to amp up your style, be sure to give your hair a break on occasion and to take extra care to moisturize those dry ends. Users have attested to the effectiveness of this optimum makeup setting spray not only to lock in moisture and makeup applied to the face, but to moisturize the dry, damaged ends of hair and even to tame flyaways.

For those with oily hair, applying an oil-based mask to your hair might sound counterintuitive but if you strip too much moisture from your hair, your hair will work overtime to keep from drying out and that is one of the major causes of oily hair. Using a hair mask on your hair once a month helps repair and restore moisture to your hair. To use a hair mask, apply an all natural oil-based mask to your hair while heating a dry towel in the dryer and then wrap your hair with the hot towel for ten minutes and follow up by washing your hair with your regular shampoo.

As you set out to create the perfect haircare routine, be sure to keep in mind that simply implementing a few changes to your daily hair habits can make a big difference. After being mindful of the way in which you wash, brush and style your hair, you will be well on your way to healthy, strong locks.

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