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So Many Possibilities

Posted by Angela @ farragio on Friday, November 2, 2018 Under: business

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When I set out to develop my skin care products I wanted them to serve more than one purpose, which prompted the name Dualistic, but I'm excited to be rebranding them under the farragio umbrella. So now your skin care needs will be met with farragio All-Natural Skin Care products.

A little history . . .

In 2010, when I named my business farragio it was my play on the word farrago which means a "mix of things", and that's perfect for my skin care products as they're a mix of all-natural goodness and also a mix of things you can use them for. For instance, my farragio All-Natural Moisturizer works great for skin but also works great as a hair mask. My farragio All-Natural Coffee Oil works great as a treatment to help fine lines but is also an amazingly luxurious lip gloss.

Speaking of my coffee oil, I received a wonderful testimonial a few days ago which is so inspiring and proves there really are “so many possibilities” to these products. To read it and others, head over here.


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