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Skincare for Hands

Posted by farragio on Monday, September 27, 2021 Under: skincare

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by Cailey George

An essential part of skincare that is easy to forget is the care of our hands. We are often reminded to implement a skincare routine for our faces, and yet we tend to overlook the hands as we set out to effectively care for our faces. Hand skincare is important because the skin on our hands is thinner than skin on other parts of our body, including our face. This quality makes our hands susceptible to more harm than other areas of our body. Our hands are often unprotected as we go about our daily routines, and our habits take a greater toll on them than we may realize. Whether it be washing dishes, doing yardwork, or even simply washing our hands, our skin is exposed to harmful chemicals and environments, and is in turn affected negatively.

To start a skincare routine for your hands, an important first step is to find a moisturizer that gives the skin more elasticity and eliminates the discomfort from your dry hands. Frequent hand washing, especially with hot water, will leave hands dry and unhealthy. Consistent use of hand sanitizer is a great way to fight off germs, but it is important to moisturize after use as the alcohol present in sanitizers will also dry out the skin on your hands.

Another way to implement hand skincare is to remember to apply all-natural sunscreen to your hands. This will prevent premature aging as well as dark sunspots. When we use sunscreen, we are inclined to cover all parts of our body except our hands, but the skin there is thinner and therefore at risk of more harm from the sun’s rays than other parts of our body. A thin coat of sunscreen will protect the skin and cause your hands to remain youthful and healthy.

Exfoliation is a big part of facial skincare, but did you know that exfoliating your hands is important too? Exfoliating no more than two times a week rids the hands of dead skin cells that block pores and prepares your hands for easier moisturization.

There are many ways to keep the skin on your hands smooth and youthful, and while it may be easy to forget to implement this part of your skincare routine, you will find that it makes quite a difference in your day to day life. Moisturization, protection from the sun and other harsh elements, as well as occasional exfoliation are all great steps to take in caring for the skin on your hands and will prepare your hands for whatever tasks they must undertake in the future.

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

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