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My Travel Skin Care Routine

Posted by farragio on Thursday, April 14, 2022 Under: skin care

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by Megan Parks

Dumbing down a skin care routine so it is travel-friendly can be daunting. I used to need suitcases full of bottles and serums. I was tied to a rigorous routine when the sun came up and when the sun went down. My morning concoction of store-bought products came first, and then when evening came, I had a totally different set of bottles to lug out of my packed duffle. I won't even get into the makeup that came in between those routines. To say the least, this isn't sustainable for many trips, especially if you want to be a life-long traveler.

Making the Switch to All-Natural
I made a switch and started using natural skincare products a few years ago, and it changed my routine (and skin) in more ways than I expected. I was looking for a product that allowed for me to check-mark the box of being a little more "organic", but once I started using farragio's all-natural Ultimate Face Moisturizer, I started to need the other bottles of not-so-natural fake-fragrancy skincare products less and less.

The name tells it like it is: all-natural. I can count on one hand (and an extra thumb) the ingredients that are in the moisturizer. Those combined ingredients result in a silky texture when applied to my face, which leaves a natural glow throughout the day. My skin is so grateful for the break!

Ready for Travel
I didn't even realize at the time that it would help enhance my traveling by allowing for simple packing. My toiletry bag used to seem like it was a second suitcase, but now I only use the all-natural moisturizer morning and night. It is especially perfect for nature travel because it is unscented and doesn't attract bugs; and the Vitamin E & Castor Oil found in the ingredients helps to protect against UV rays, so I know I'm covered on those sunny mornings as I'm stepping out of our tent.

Can You Relate?
If you can relate, then take comfort in knowing that your skin just needs a little all-natural. It's like that saying goes, "when you treat your skin like a queen, it'll treat you like a king", or something to that effect. But, your skin will have a glow-up with a bit of all-natural love. Plus, nature looks good on everybody. Happy all-natural travels!

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