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Keep The Change

Posted by Angela @ farragio on Saturday, December 30, 2017 Under: life home family

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When paying for things with cash, only use bills and save any change you get. My husband and I have been doing this for years. Any change we get we put in a jar and at the end of each month we have anywhere from $20 to sometimes $50 saved up.

Our bank has a money sorting machine so we take the jar to the bank, run the change through the sorter, and get a receipt that can either be cashed or deposited into our account. If your bank doesn't offer this service you can buy a money sorter (with the change you've saved up!) and sort it at home, then take it to your bank. Keep the cycle going by using that cash for your next purchases and save the change. It's starts to feel like free money!

What money saving tips have you found helpful?

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In : life home family 

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