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How to Care for and Prevent Scars

Posted by farragio on Tuesday, July 26, 2022 Under: skin care

how to treat acne scars and other imperfections

by Cailey George

Small cuts, acne or other accidents can cause scarring. Scars can appear worse than they are if they are not properly cared for. This post will reveal several natural remedies for old scars, as well as tips for healthy scar healing.

There are ways to minimize the appearance of scars
If you have old scars, it can be more difficult to reduce their intensity. Scars cannot truly be erased, however there are a few remedies that can help minimize their appearance or soothe the skin around old scars. Vitamin C can be a great option for scars as it reduces pigmentation in the skin surrounding the scar. This vitamin is soothing as well as healing. Old scars are sensitive to sunlight, and in order to prevent them becoming worse over time, it is a great idea to apply sunscreen to any scars when venturing outdoors.

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Stop scarring before it starts
The best methods to prevent scarring take place during the scar formation process. Acting sooner rather than later will help scars heal healthily and reduce visibility. Both honey and aloe vera have been used by many to speed the healing process and to cleanse the wound. Honey is antibacterial, and fights infection. Applying honey in small amounts can positively affect the wound as it heals. Aloe vera reduces inflammation and can minimize the size of scar tissue. This plant also promotes skin growth, strengthening and soothing as it works. Both of these natural remedies moisturize skin, aiding in keeping skin soft rather than building up a scab.

How to fight acne scarring
Scabs can lead to intense scarring, and it is important that the skin around the wound remains moisturized and that scabs are left alone as the healing progresses. Apple cider vinegar can be used as another natural remedy, especially for acne scarring. Once distilled with water, a cotton ball can be dipped in the apple cider vinegar and applied to the wounded area.

Keep skin healthy
While most scars cannot simply disappear, we can learn to give our wounds as well as our scars love and care in order to soothe skin and promote proper healing. These natural remedies can keep skin healthy and can encourage wounds to heal safely with minimal damage.

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