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Five Foods That Hydrate Your Skin

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slice of salmon

by Cailey George

As we head into the cooler, winter months, you may be asking yourself how you can keep your skin healthy and prevent dry, irritated patches from rising up with the weather change. Fortunately, skincare doesn’t end with topical application. Including these foods in your diet will aid in hydrating your skin and keeping you feeling healthy and satisfied throughout the rest of the year and into the next.

Olive Oil
bowl of olive oil
Image by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay
Using olive oil in your recipes is a great place to start. We often utilize this versatile ingredient when cooking, and it can even be used simply as a dressing in your salad if you are in a rush. Not only is this oil often used as a topical ingredient in certain skincare products, but is equally beneficial when ingested as the oils, fats and vitamins present in this food aid in strengthening and hydrating the skin.

Wild Salmon
slice of salmon
Image by Shutterbug75 from Pixabay
Wild salmon is another great food to eat when working towards healthy skincare. This food is full of omega 3 fatty acids- a great resource to strengthen skin cells and reduce the inflammation that comes with dry skin. If fish is not for you, try incorporating foods like chia seeds or walnuts into your diet. These snacks and ingredients have similar affects as they are also full of omega 3 fatty acids and can therefore fight to keep your skin supple and hydrated.

sliced avocado
Image by Julie Henriksen from Pixabay
Many find avocado to be beneficial for health and skin, and can attest to its delicious taste when paired creatively with a variety of dishes. This fruit not only has the fats necessary to support supple, hydrated skin, but is full of great vitamins as well. Avocado tastes great when eaten in many unique ways and is a wonderful addition to your skincare routine when utilized in this way.

slices of cucumber
Image by Kai Reschke from Pixabay
Cucumber can be used topically to hydrate and is safe for sensitive skin. Cucumber has wonderful cooling effects for those dry, irritated patches and helps to heal and strengthen the skin. It is also beneficial when ingested as it helps to maintain a healthy digestive system.

Sweet Potatoes
slices of sweet potato
Image by ivabalk from Pixabay
Finally, sweet potatoes are full of vitamin A, which helps to build a healthy protective barrier and to reduce the uncomfortable flakiness that often accompanies dry skin in the winter months. The vitamin C in sweet potatoes has even been said to fight against colds! Sweet potatoes are a classic holiday appetizer and can be implemented into your winter diet not only for taste and tradition, but to hydrate your dry skin.

Making an effort to eat these foods will support skincare from the inside out, aiding in the maintenance of healthy, supple and smooth skin. Now is a great time to start incorporating these foods into your diet, preparing your skin for the rough winter months ahead.

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