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Easy DIY Bedroom Nightstands

Posted by Angela @ farragio on Thursday, September 10, 2020 Under: diy

My daughter had moved out a few years ago and then got married, so I needed to refurnish and redecorate her room for when she and her husband come to visit. The few things that had been left in her room were the curtains, a secondhand dresser, and some accent pillows.

I wanted to redecorate the room as inexpensively as possible, and the first thing to tackle was the bed. Someone in my neighborhood was coincidentally selling their bedframe and mattress for $100, and I found a cute Percale bedsheet set on Amazon for $25. The next thing to tackle were the nightstands.

I wanted to keep the cost under $50 total for two nightstands and so I set about shopping online. For days I tried to find something. I searched everywhere. Craigstlist, Facebook Marketplace, Target, Walmart, Amazon, etc. But I couldn't find anything that was quite right and also inexpensive enough.

So then I started brainstorming a way I could hack some nightstands, and after noodling on it and again searching on Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace, I came up with the idea of using a set of bar stools I found on Facebook Marketplace for $15.

Join me now as I take you on the journey of transforming simple bar stools into adorable nightstands.....

bar stools

I had been out grocery shopping and just happened to check Facebook Marketplace on my phone while I was shopping and found these bar stools for $15 just three minutes from where I was shopping. Score! So I stopped by and purchased them and took them home to get started transforming them.

bar stools with sander

I knew I would be putting a coat of primer on the bar stools but since the only surface that would be getting wear and tear would be the tops and not the legs, I saved some time by only sanding the tops so the primer would have more adhesion there.

bar stools with primer

Then I put a coat of primer on. I started working on the legs first so that when I painted the tops they wouldn't get scratched up while I had them upside down.

can of paint

I don't normally use a flat paint but I had read that it is more forgiving of flaws so I decided to use it instead of satin or semi-gloss.

bar stools with paint

I added two coats of the flat paint, waiting an hour or two between each coat.

bar stools

Then I set about priming and painting the tops of the bar stools.

finished white bar stools

I left them to dry overnight, but as I started to look at them in relation to putting them in the bedroom, I realized they were probably going to be a little too small next to the bed so then I had to figure out a way to bulk them up somehow.

wood panel label

My husband came up with the idea of adding a square piece of wood on top of each bar stool, so we went to Lowes and found a piece of ready-to-use 16" x 36" pine panel that was $12.

wood panels

I had the guy in the lumber department at Lowes cut the panel down into two 16"-square pieces.

wood panel

The panel was already factory-sanded, but I beveled all of the edges with my electric sander to dull the sharp edges.

two wood panels

Then I primed and painted the panel pieces.

wood panels

After I finished painting them I noticed that, unfortunately, they were starting to bow a little bit from the moisture of the paint.
frown emojie

wood panels w/paint cans

So after they dried enough, I set the heavy paint cans on them for 24 hours and, thankfully, that did the trick and they flattened out again.
smile emojie

bar stool with 3M strips

I was going to attached them to the bar stools with Liquid Nails but my husband also suggested I use 3M Velcro strips instead, and that way I could remove them if I ever wanted to use the bar stools for something else. So I attached the strips, added the painted panels, and.....

finished nightstand

Voila! Two adorable bedroom nightstands that only cost $27.

finished nightstand

bed w/nightstands

Let me know what you think in the comments section below. Also, if you'd like to know the links to anything you see in the photos, such as the bedding or lamps, let me know, I'd be happy to share!

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