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Does Setting Spray Really Work?

Posted by farragio on Monday, September 27, 2021 Under: skincare

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by Cailey George

Makeup users often hear of many different products that can be beneficial in their makeup routine. Many may be familiar with the term “setting spray,” perhaps they have even caught a glimpse of setting spray in the makeup aisles of their favorite store. But what exactly is setting spray? And why is it a beneficial part of a makeup routine?

Setting spray is a product that is useful in sealing makeup. Oftentimes we use primer to prepare our face for makeup application, providing an even base to work with. Primer is applied first, before the rest of the makeup, while setting spray is applied as a last step. Setting spray is meant to seal the makeup- locking it in and preventing smearing, fading, creases or melting. It can almost be compared to hairspray for the face-but without that sticky feeling! Setting spray is often lightweight and durable, keeping makeup looking matte and fresh. This spray typically consists of a mixture of water and alcohol, but other ingredients may very dependent upon the spray selected.

For users seeking a fresh look and added skincare benefits after applying setting spray, this Optimum Makeup Setting Spray is a wonderful option. This spray acts as a natural lock for any makeup look and incorporates rosehip to give the skin added benefits with use.

Rosehip is made from the fruit and seeds of the rose plant and was even used by ancients for its healing benefits! Rosehip works wonders on dry and itchy skin as it is capable of both moisturizing and hydrating. This ingredient also benefits users with its phenols, organic compounds which are antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal. Rosehip contains vitamins A and C, which help with cell turnover (A) and cell regeneration (C). It will also protect from the sun, boost immunity and reduce inflammation; making this setting spray a great choice to keep makeup looking fresh while also enriching the skin with its vitamins and nutrients.

Setting spray is truly a gem in the makeup world, preserving the looks we work hard to create and apply. It is a wonderful product to add to any makeup routine and seeking all-natural products will provide the user with the added benefits of enriching ingredients.

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