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The Dangers of Over-Exfoliation

Posted by farragio on Tuesday, June 14, 2022 Under: skin care

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by Cailey George

If you have dry skin, you may be ready to do anything to keep your face from becoming itchy, red and flaky. Dry skin can be uncomfortable, and there are many great steps you can take towards relieving the symptoms it often causes. One of these steps is exfoliation.

When it comes to exfoliating, moderation is key
To properly exfoliate skin, users can rely on the properties of coffee grounds or sugar to rub away at dead, flaky skin, leaving the surface refreshed, smooth and glowing. However, many users can become overzealous in their exfoliation habits, especially if dry skin is a consistent and unwanted struggle. This may lead to over-exfoliation; and may cause further dryness and discomfort in your skin.

What are the symptoms of dry skin?
How can you tell if you have over-exfoliated your skin? Oftentimes, those who have over-exfoliated will feel a tightness in their skin, as well as increased dry skin symptoms such as redness and irritation. You may experience acne breakouts, and you might find that your skin has become extra sensitive, even towards products that you typically use with no negative effects.

How to reverse over-exfoliated skin
So, how does one recover from over-exfoliated skin? The first step is to stop exfoliating! You may need to take a break from this process for 2-4 weeks. This may seem counter-productive, especially as you will experience uncomfortable dry patches and itch to scrub at these sensitive spots in an attempt to regain smooth skin. Resisting this urge is necessary, as you must allow your skin cells to regenerate naturally. Continue to moisturize using a fragrance-free moisturizer regularly, and refrain from using other products as they may add to irritation.

Start low and slow
Once you have taken a break from exfoliating, be sure to maintain a healthy exfoliation routine. Experts suggest exfoliating no more than two to three times a week to reap the benefits of the process effectively.

What should you use?
When choosing an exfoliating product, avoid chemical exfoliators and foaming cleansers. Instead, opt for a natural cleanser such as farragio's Essential Face Cleanser to avoid further irritation. Using chemical cleansers and exfoliants can introduce harmful ingredients to already weakened skin and slow the healing process.

Be gentle
Finally, be sure that you stay gentle when exfoliating. Harsh scrubbing may seem productive in the moment, but leads to long term affects that can make dry skin even worse.

Keeping these steps in mind can prevent over-exfoliation and the discomfort that follows. If you are already experiencing the results of intense exfoliation, remain patient as you allow your skin to heal. Being gentle on your skin and intentional with your routine will produce lasting results and healthy, smooth, moisturized skin.

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