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The Benefits Of Shopping Small Business

Posted by Desiree Heiser on Thursday, February 7, 2019 Under: business

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Guest post by Desiree Heiser

So you may ask yourself what are the benefits from buying handmade products from a small business as opposed to a bigger corporation? Well, for one, you know exactly what the ingredient list is and don’t have to worry about putting harsh chemicals onto your face or body.

I prefer supporting small business owners and entrepreneurs when I can. The reason why is knowing what is going into the beauty products that I will be purchasing since I have sensitive skin and allergies to some things. I do check out the ingredient list so that my allergies won’t be triggered. I prefer purchasing skin care products that use all natural ingredients.

Another benefit in my opinion is the quality of the product. Most homemade skin care products are made without harsh chemicals and are beautifully handcrafted. The amber colored jars that farragio uses are so gorgeous! I can’t wait to make my first purchase through them!

Another added benefit would be that you would be financially helping a small business owner provide income for their family by buying their products. Isn't that worth it to you? I would say yes, because then it would make you feel better that you were able to help that business owner make an additional income through your purchase.

So to sum it all up, is it worth it to purchase products from a small business owner? Yes it is, because not only are you receiving quality and beautifully crafted products, but you are helping them out a little bit more financially and that is worth it all!

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