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How to Care For & Maintain a Boss Beard

Posted by farragio on Tuesday, August 23, 2022 Under: skin care

man with awesome beard

by Cailey George

Anyone with a beard knows two things:

  1. Beards are awesome
  2. They can be hard to maintain
This is evidenced by dry skin, wiry, coarse beard hair, beard itch and even breakouts on the skin under your beard. Beard care and maintenance can seem daunting, but there are a few simple steps that will keep you on the right track when working towards a presentable, healthy beard.

When it comes to trimming your beard, don't forget your moustache
When trimming your beard, be sure to clean up your neckline to avoid an unnecessarily unruly appearance. Simply taking care to eliminate stray hairs or undefined lines on your neck will be sure to keep your beard looking healthy. And, don’t forget your moustache! Keeping moustache hairs trimmed as well will aid in a put together look and takes only a few minutes every week or so to maintain.

Gently towel dry a wet beard
After trimming, it is important to clean and moisturize. Be sure to wash your beard so that the skin underneath gets exfoliated and any unwanted particles can be washed out of your hair. You can find specialized beard cleansers at most department stores, which can be used to clean your beard once or twice a week. Be sure to invest in a cleanser that will be gentle on your skin and won’t clog your pores. After washing, be sure not to over-towel your beard. Pat it dry gently, or else your beard may become frizzy and full of split ends.

farragio all natural and usda certified organic ultimate face moisturizer

Moisturize your beard? Yes!
Moisturizing your beard is also an important part of the maintenance process. A beard paste will re-hydrate your beard and the skin underneath which will quickly cut down on itch and dry, wiry hairs. This is because a beard paste puts a protective layer on your individual beard hairs, as well as a protective layer on the skin. This layer keeps your beard looking shiny and clean and the skin underneath moisturized and protected from breakouts.

Beard paste is a man's beard best friend
By applying a beard paste just a few times a week, you will not only be making it easier to maintain your beard, you will also be encouraging more beard growth. Investing in a good beard paste will keep your beard shiny and prevent it from drying out. farragio’s Ultimate Face Moisturizer is actually an excellent beard paste because it’s made with natural oils that will tame and style your beard while keeping it, and your skin, moisturized.

With a little effort and the right products, you can grow a beard that looks awesome and feels great!

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