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The Benefits Of Using Tinted Moisturizer

December 13, 2018

cocoa powder

Guest post by Desiree Heiser

There is a brand new all-natural tinted moisturizer that is out on the market. Have you heard of it? It’s all natural and handmade! Some of the natural ingredients are cocoa powder, and coconut oil, as well as almond oil! Since I love all the natural ingredients that are listed, I would want to try this product out for sure! These ingredients just sound so amazing!

One of the many benefits of using an all natural tinted moisturizer with coconut oil is the way that it will make your skin feel so silky and smooth. Coconut oil is an amazing moisturizer. Some use it as a nighttime facial cream since coconut oil leaves the skin smooth and flawless! Flawless, silky smooth skin sounds so wonderful!

Another great benefit to having coconut oil in your moisturizer is the antimicrobial aspect of it. Antimicrobials help reduce acne and help to reduce break outs. Can you imagine having a moisturizer that had all those amazing benefits in it?

Another listed ingredient is cocoa powder. Cocoa powder is rich in antioxidants and can help repair damaged skin cells from break outs. Imagine having a tinted moisturizer that has all these amazing benefits added in! I’d love to have clearer skin and help repair any damage to my face!

Another benefit from cocoa powder is how it helps reduce the anti-aging process from all sorts of inclement weather. Cocoa powder is seriously so amazing! Who wouldn’t want beautiful, youthful looking skin again? This is an amazing product! Go try it out!

This product includes all natural ingredients that have SPF in it. Wow! So not only does this product have the best ingredients ever list but it also includes all natural SPF? You can have a fun day at the beach using this tinted moisturizer instead of harsh suntan lotion or spray-on suntan lotion. For me, using suntan lotion or spray-on suntan lotion leaves me with either a blotchy red face or streaks all over my face! I’d rather have a natural suntan lotion, wouldn’t you?

For those with super sensitive skin, almond oil is the perfect ingredient. It is hypoallergenic and it helps remove dark circles under your eyes. I love hypoallergenic ingredients! Those kinds of ingredients make your face feel less itchy and, an added bonus, no harsh chemicals!

Almond oil also helps make your skin look flawless like all the other natural ingredients in the list! It also helps reduce skin rashes which is wonderful in an all-natural tinted moisturizer. All of these amazing ingredients in one product!

For those with a more pale complexion (like me; I am a natural redhead so I have very fair skin) this tinted moisturizer makes you have a beautiful, beachside look and for those with a darker complexion, it gives you a smooth beautiful look. The best part about this product is that it has no harsh chemicals in it. I love all-natural ingredients! I have very sensitive skin and this product sounds like something I would buy, try and recommend to all of my friends and family!

This product is very reasonably priced as well, so it won’t break the bank to try it out! Imagine looking beautiful, youthful and not have to worry about breakouts? Who wouldn’t want to try out this amazing product??

One may ask now how do I get my hands on this? December 13 is National Cocoa Day, so why not try out this amazing all-natural tinted moisturizer? They have sample sizes starting from $11 and the bigger sizes starting out at $20 and up. The sample size is in an amber colored jar and is 0.4 oz. The bigger one is 1.8 oz. They have so many more different products to try out!

So if you are like me and love all natural ingredients, this product is for you! Check out the website for more products and pricing. I, for one, will definitely be trying and buying this product! You get amazing results!



Vitamin C Is Good For Your Skin

December 5, 2018


Why is Vitamin C Good for Your Skin?

Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, is probably one of the most commonly used vitamins, especially during the cold and flu season. We all know that it is helpful to our immune systems, but why is Vitamin C good for our skin?

Vitamin C’s role in our body is more than an immunity boost. Higher blood levels of Vitamin C are one of the ideal nutrition markers for overall good health. The benefits of Vitamin C include protections from cardiovascu...
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December 3, 2018

candy cane heart

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Healing Remedy For Dry Feet

November 30, 2018

feet with striped socks

If your feet tend to get dry in the winter, there's an easy remedy that's also good for you. At night when you go to bed, apply a fair amount of castor oil to your feet and wear a pair of cotton socks, and the next morning your feet will be softer and moisturized.

Most people usually use petroleum jelly but that contains chemicals that get absorbed into your skin. Castor oil is all-natural and has many health benefits for skin:

  • Castor oil naturally hydrates and moisturizes skin.
  • Cast...

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National Eat A Cranberry Day

November 23, 2018

hands holding cranberries

November 23 is National Eat A Cranberry Day. Did you know cranberries are chockablock full of health benefits? There are a lot of interesting articles on this "little berry that could" and I've compiled a list here of some of my favorites. Check them out and find out all that cranberries have to offer.


cranberry mask ingredients
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wooden bowl with cranberries
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The Benefits of Cranberries ...
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