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Natural Remedies & Tips for Oily Skin

January 11, 2022

woman blotting her oily skin

by Cailey George

If you find that your skin is often shiny, or that it reverts to an overly shiny complexion shortly after cleansing, you may have oily skin. Oil in our skin in natural and important, helping to keep skin hydrated. However, when overproduction of oil occurs these natural processes can become a nuisance, causing increased breakouts and discomfort as the oil and dead skin clogs pores. There are several steps you can take to prevent the overproduction of oil and to keep your skin healthy. First, be sure not to over-wash your skin. Cleansing is important when dealing with oily skin, however we may overestimate how much is needed to resist oil. Washing and cleansing twice a day will keep your skin healthy without negative effects. One to two cleanses per day will help to clear excess oil as well as the dead skin that combines with naturally occurring processes to clog pores and cause breakouts.

Second, don’t forget to moisturize! You may feel inclined to avoid moisture, wondering whether it will lead to increased oil and a shiny appearance. Rather than skipping this step, be sure to invest in natural moisturizers that are lightweight, oil free and water based. Finally, after exercising take time to wash, cleanse and moisturize your face. Working out produces a buildup of oil, sweat and potentially dirt that needs to be removed in order to keep your pores from clogging and intensifying both oil and acne.

There are several easy natural remedies to implement when combatting oily skin. You can treat this skin type with a variety of natural ingredients you may have in your very own home or that can be found easily during a trip to the grocery store. Honey is a wonderful remedy for oily skin, retaining moisture while preventing excess oil. You can apply honey directly to your face, leaving it on as a mask for ten minutes and removing with warm water. Oatmeal is another wonderful remedy for oily skin, and oats can even be mixed with a spoonful of honey to create an exfoliating substance to prevent oil as well as acne. Check out these recipes for some easy oatmeal face masks. Apple cider vinegar is also known to fight excess oil, yet its strength demands it is mixed with a carrier to produce the best results. You can dilute apple cider vinegar with water, or you can use a product such as this all-natural Essential Clarifying Face Wash that implements apple cider vinegar while effectively cleansing the skin. Investing in blotting papers is another great step to take, as these can be used practically throughout the day anytime your skin feels intensely oily. These are a wonderful tool to use as you work to build a skincare routine for your skin type.

Oily skin can become frustrating, but with a dedicated routine and simple, natural ingredients, you can effectively fight excessive oil and breakouts.

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Skin Benefits of Avocado Oil

December 25, 2021

sliced avocados

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December 21, 2021

blog banner

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Winter is upon us, and with it unfortunately so are many stuffy noses and potential colds. If you are looking to strengthen your immune system through the foods you consume while also gleaning benefits for your skin, you have come to the right place. Our skin is affected in winter by harsh weather and low temperatures, so intentionally consuming foods that will build immunity while soothing the skin is a great idea to pursue this season.

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December 15, 2021

closeup of a man's beard

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December 9, 2021

woman flipping her hair

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As you examine your daily haircare routine, you can implement several steps to get healthier, stronger hair as you brush, wash and clean your locks. After optimizing this process, you can go even further to care for your hair. Here are some steps that you might not immediately consider as you work towards healthy hair, but aid immensely in your hair maintenance.

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November 28, 2021

woman blow drying her hair

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Five Foods That Hydrate Your Skin

October 18, 2021

slice of salmon

by Cailey George

As we head into the cooler, winter months, you may be asking yourself how you can keep your skin healthy and prevent dry, irritated patches from rising up with the weather change. Fortunately, skincare doesn’t end with topical application. Including these foods in your diet will aid in hydrating your skin and keeping you feeling healthy and satisfied throughout the rest of the year and into the next.

Olive Oil
bowl of olive oil
Image by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay
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