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How to Care for Damaged Hair

June 21, 2022

woman with bad hair

by Cailey George

It can be easy to stick to a consistent routine when it comes to our hair- styling, washing and drying with the same methods every week. What you may not notice however, is the way these methods might be damaging your hair.

How does hair become damaged? Hair is weakened when we use products or methods that damage the outer layer of our strands. If this layer is attacked, it will open, leaving room for further damage to your hair. Processes that damage this outer layer include bleaching, excessive heat or washing of hair, humidity, and the chemicals in perm or dye products.

How can you tell if your hair has become damaged? If your hair is weakened, you will notice split ends, and strands that feel coarse and rough. If you try to run your fingers through your hair, does it feel uneven and stiff? Are your ends brittle, and does your hair break off easily when styling or brushing? If so, your hair has probably become damaged. Fortunately, there are many ways to deal with damaged hair, allowing a fresh start and healthy locks.

How can you deal with your damaged hair? First, take a look at your washing routine. Do you wash your hair with cold or hot water? Many of us enjoy a steamy shower, but this could be leading to further damage on your hair. Try washing with lukewarm water instead, allowing your hair a break from the intense heat. When washing hair, be sure to brush your hair before hopping in the shower, rather than after. When your hair is wet, it is most susceptible to breakage and damage, so it is good to get all the tangles out before washing. If you still need to brush your hair afterwards, try using a wet brush or a wide tooth comb for best results.

When it comes to drying, using an old t-shirt to dry your damaged hair is a great alternative to a coarse towel. Grab one of those worn out shirts before tossing it, and use it to dry your hair in the same way you would usually use your towel. Next, examine your styling routine. When brushing your hair, less is always better than more. Try taking a few strokes to relieve the tangles, and then set the brush aside. Excessive brushing can cause hair to break, and can especially influence split ends. When using heat styling tools, keep them on a lower heat setting. If you’re feeling creative, or that your hair simply needs a break from heat styles, try attempting some fun no-heat hairstyles. If worst comes to worst, trimming your ends can always allow your hair the fresh start it needs.

If your hair is feeling coarse, dry and damaged, don’t panic! With time and care, your hair can return to its silky, smooth and healthy state.

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coffee exfoliating

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