About farragio

Meet the owner & maker

Ever since I was a child I've always had an entrepreneurial spirit, but with travel, marriage, raising kids, rescue pugs and cats, and a day job, I felt like I was way too busy to pursue starting my own business; yet the dream was always lingering in the back of my mind.

As my kids got older and I could carve out more free time I finally quit making excuses, wound up my courage, and took the plunge into the entrepreneurial world in March 2010. I had creative interests in a lot of different areas and wanted a business name that reflected that. My sister, who is a bit of a wordsmith, helped me brainstorm and come up with the name farragio for my business. It's a play on the word farrago, which means "a mix of things."

My business started out in 2010 as a sewing business making custom totes and personalized embroidered toiletry bags that were very popular as bridal party gifts, and I was even featured in St. Louis publications where I was living at the time.

As rewarding as it all was, around 2017 I found that I was getting burned out and wanted to take farragio in a different direction. For a number of years while running my sewing business I had been making an all-natural face moisturizer for me and my daughter and when, on a whim, I shared it with family and friends Christmas of 2017, the response was so enthusiastic I knew right away what direction I wanted to go and my line of farragio all-natural skincare products was off and running.

As I've listened to my customers' skincare needs and continually done research, I have expanded from my original face moisturizer into a line of skincare products that are made with superior formulas that are vegan, low-to-none on the comedogenic scale, and free of nut-derivatives such as shea and coconut. It is my goal to create skincare that is compatible with multiple skin types.

But the most important part of my business is the personal connections I've made with my customers that have made taking that plunge into the entrepreneurial world so much more rewarding. ♥ ♥ ♥